National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship

Awarded an NRC postdoctoral fellowship sponsored by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. June 2018

MIT Mechanical Engineering de Florez Award Competition 

First place graduate winner ($1,500) for engineering design. Presented a poster and working prototype of a high-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery. May 2017


MIT Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition (MERE)

Grand prize winner ($500) for outstanding presentation. Presented a poster entitled "High-Power, Low-Corrosion Aluminum-Air Battery" and was one of three grand prize winners out of 76 graduate student contestants. September 2016 


Akamai Patent Award

Received patent award ($2,000) for filing a patent on a method to destructively sanitize solid-state drives (SSDs) that reduced sanitization costs by more than 2 orders of magnitude. First Akamai intern to ever receive a company patent award. August 2015


Star Family Prize Award

Nominated for exemplary intellectual and personal guidance of undergraduate students at Harvard College. March 2015  


MIT Product Design and Development Competition

Grand-prize winner ($900) for a toddler fire-escape device. Spring 2013



Award for Mechanical Ingenuity for a surgically implantable AV-shunt flow modulator. Spring 2011

Harvard PRISE Scholar

Awarded stipend, room, and board for summer research at Harvard University. Summer 2009

Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Eagle Scout Scholarship 

Granted an undergraduate educational scholarship ($48,000). Summer 2005

Micron Science and Technology Scholarship 

Granted an undergraduate educational scholarship ($16,500). Spring 2005