Massachusetts Institute of Technology     Cambridge, MA

Ph.D. mechanical engineering, GPA 4.9/5.0     2018

Thesis Advisors: Douglas P. Hart, Yang Shao-Horn, Alexander H. Slocum, Thomas W. Eagar


S.M. mechanical engineering, GPA 4.8/5.0     2013

Thesis Advisors: Alexander H. Slocum, Yet-Ming Chiang, W. Craig Carter


Harvard University     Cambridge, MA

A.B. engineering sciences, GPA 3.7/4.0     2011

Research & Design Experience

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory     Washington, D.C.

National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellow with Debra R. Rolison

Designing rechargeable zinc-based mesoporous, 3D-nanoarchitectures and nanocomposites for energy storage applications. 2018–Present


Douglas P. Hart Laboratory (MIT)     Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant for Douglas P. Hart

Created and patented a method to mitigate self-discharge in aluminum—air batteries using an oil displacement system with underwater oleophobic electrode and separator-membrane surfaces. First author of paper accepted by Science. 2015–2018


Akamai Technologies, Inc.     Cambridge, MA

Intern for Kevin Riggle in Information Security

Created and patented a method to destructively sanitize solid-state drives (SSDs) that reduced sanitization costs by more than 2 orders of magnitude. Summer 2015


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory     Livermore, CA

Intern for Matt Wraith in Defense Technologies Engineering Division

Designed, programmed, and fabricated ultralight, ultrastiff 3D-metal-printed cellular structures for aerospace applications using OpenSCAD and Netfabb. Summer 2014


Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR)     Cambridge, MA

Precision Engineering Research Group (MIT)

Research Assistant for Alexander H. Slocum

Created and patented a high energy density flow battery for grid storage applications.  Performed cost analyses, modeling, and optimization of structural/fluid system to stop viscous fingering induced flow instabilities. Co-first author and first author of papers published in Energy & Environmental Science and Journal of Power Sources. 2012–2014


Resolute Marine Energy, Inc.     Cambridge, MA

In collaboration with Precision Engineering Research Group

Created a set of analytical tools verified with FEA and experimentally tested to design a pressure-smoothing device used in wave-powered desalination systems for Resolute Marine Energy, Inc.  First author of paper published in Journal of Energy Resources Technology. 2011–2012


Spirit AeroSystems     Wichita, KS

In collaboration with Precision Engineering Research Group

Visited Spirit AeroSystems manufacturing plant and worked with management to improve machine design and manufacturing processes with a team of 5 engineers. March 2012


Harvard University     Cambridge, MA 

Student of Conor J. Walsh

Designed, built, and tested a proof-of-concept prototype of an implantable AV-shunt flow modulator with a team of 3 engineers and 2 physicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  First author of paper published in Journal of Medical Devices. Spring 2011


Harvard Biorobotics Laboratory     Cambridge, MA 

Research Assistant for Robert D. Howe

Designed, built, and tested fingertip mechanical impedance analyzer with neurologists from Arizona State University to improve robotic hand design. Summer 2010


Westervelt Research Group (Harvard)     Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant for Robert M. Westervelt

Designed, programmed, and tested a multi-touch interface for a microfluidic chip that allows users to view and manipulate living biological cells with a touchscreen in real time. Summer 2009

Publications, Patents, & Presentations


[6] Ko, J. S., Geltmacher, A. B., Hopkins, B. J., Rolison, D. R., Long, J. W., Parker, J. F. (2018). Robust 3D Zn sponges enable high power- and energy-dense alkaline batteries. (submitted)

[5] Hopkins, B. J., Shao-Horn, Y., Hart, D. P. (2018). Suppressing corrosion in primary aluminum—air batteries via oil displacement. Science (accepted)


[4] Chen, X.*, Hopkins, B. J.*, Helal, A., Fan, F. Y., Smith, K. C., Li, Z., ... & Chiang, Y. M. (2016). A low-dissipation, pumpless, gravity-induced flow battery. Energy & Environmental Science, 9(5), 1760-1770.


[3] Hopkins, B. J., Smith, K. C., Slocum, A. H., & Chiang, Y. M. (2015). Component-cost and performance based comparison of flow and static batteries. Journal of Power Sources, 293, 1032-1038.


[2] Hopkins, B. J., Padhye, N., Greenlee, A., Torres, J., Thomas, L., Ljubicic, D. M., ... & Slocum, A. H. (2014). Damping pressure pulsations in a wave-powered desalination system. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 136(2), 021205.


[1] Hopkins, B. J., Wu, H., Marks, W. H., Quan, Q., Kesner, S., Ozaki, C. K., & Walsh, C. (2012). Hemodialysis graft resistance adjustment device. Journal of Medical Devices, 6(2), 021011.


* equal contribution



[3] Hopkins, B. J. & Hart, D. P. (2017). Corrosion mitigation in metal-air batteries. International Application No. PCT/US2017/020093.  


[2] Hopkins, B. J. & Riggle, K. A. (2015). Efficiently sanitizing a solid state drive (SSD). U.S. Patent Application No. 14/831,370.


[1] Hopkins, B. J., Slocum, A. H., Chen, X., Chiang, Y. M., Fan, F. Y., Helal, A., ... & Carter, W. C. (2014). Gravity induced flow cell. U.S. Patent Application No. 14/557,924.



[6] Hopkins, B. J., Hart, D. P. High-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery (talk). Material Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, November 2017.


[5] Hopkins, B. J., Hart, D. P. High-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery (talk). ASME 2017 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), Tampa, FL, November 2017.


[4] Hopkins, B. J., Hart, D. P. High-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery (talk). 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting, National Harbor, MD, October 2017.


[3] Hopkins, B. J., Hart, D. P. High-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery (poster). MIT Mechanical Engineering de Florez Award Competition, Cambridge, MA, May 2016. 


[2] Hopkins, B. J., Hart, D. P. High-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery (poster). MIT Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition, Cambridge, MA, September 2016. 


[1] Hopkins, B. J., Fan, F., Li, Z., Smith, K. C., Chen, X., ... & Chiang, Y. M. et al. Gravity induced flow cell using suspension-based flow electrodes (poster). Material Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, December 2013.

Awards, Honors, & Scholarships


Awarded a National Research Council (NRC) postdoctoral fellowship sponsored by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. June 2018


First place graduate winner ($1,500) for engineering design in the MIT Mechanical Engineering de Florez Award Competition. Presented a poster and working prototype of a high-power, low-corrosion aluminum-air battery. May 2017


Grand prize winner ($500) for outstanding presentation at the MIT Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition (MERE). Presented a poster entitled "High-Power, Low-Corrosion Aluminum-Air Battery" and was one of three grand prize winners out of 76 graduate student contestants. September 2016 


Akamai Patent Award ($2,000) for filing a patent on a method to destructively sanitize solid-state drives (SSDs) that reduced sanitization costs by more than 2 orders of magnitude. First Akamai intern to ever receive a company patent award. August 2015


Star Family Prize Award nomination for exemplary intellectual and personal guidance of undergraduate students at Harvard College. March 2015  


Grand-prize winner of MIT's Product Design and Development Competition ($900) for a toddler fire-escape device. Spring 2013


CIMIT Award for Mechanical Ingenuity for a surgically implantable AV-shunt flow modulator. Spring 2011



Semi-solid suspension flow battery featured in MIT Technology Review Vol. 119 No. 5. October 2016


Semi-solid suspension flow battery featured on front page of and described in MIT News. May 2016


Analysis of flow vs. static batteries featured in MIT News. June 2015


Flow battery designed for Master’s thesis shown on National Fox News. February 2014  


Graduated cum laude from Harvard College. May 2011


Graduated with high honors from engineering department of Harvard College. May 2011



Harvard PRISE Scholar (stipend, room, and board). Summer 2009


Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Eagle Scout Scholarship ($48,000). Summer 2005


Micron Science and Technology Scholarship ($16,500). Spring 2005

Teaching & Leadership Experience

Harvard Pforzheimer Resident Engineering Tutor     Cambridge, MA

Advised and tutored students at Pforzheimer House in math, engineering, and computer science. 2012–2018


MIT 15.783 Product Design & Development Head Teaching Assistant     Cambridge, MA 

Mentor for interdisciplinary graduate design class taught by Steven D. EppingerMaria YangJerome Arul, and Matthew Kressy. Spring 2015 


MIT 2.009 Product Engineering Processes Teaching Assistant     Cambridge, MA 

Mentor and class photographer for senior design class taught by Professor David R. Wallace. Fall 2014


Treasurer of MIT Competitive Powerlifting Team     Cambridge, MA 

Organized finances and fundraising for and actively participated in MIT club sport. Spring 2013


Activities Committee Co-Chair     Cambridge, MA

Organized and led social activities for local church with a membership of over 100. 2012–2013


Director of Finance and Record Management     Cambridge, MA

Organized finances and maintained records for local church with a membership of over 200. 2010–2012


Branch President and Missionary     Moscow and Tula, Russia

Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Learned Russian to support and lead local Russian church communities.  Regularly taught English and helped maintain hospitals, orphanages, shelters, and public parks. 2006–2008


Eagle Scout     Salt Lake City, UT

Received Eagle Scout award at age 12 and earned a total of 81 merit badges. June 1999